Knowing how to be popular is an important factor in becoming famous!  Celebrities tend to have been popular in one shape or another prior to stardom. Whether they became popular from their talent or their charm, understanding how to be popular played an important role in their success. From standing out in the crowd to being yourself, FAME TUBE is giving you top 10 ways to become popular fast. Just like fame, gaining popularity can happen overnight!

confident not cocky HOW TO BE POPULAR


how to be popular be confidence 283x300 HOW TO BE POPULAR How To Be Popular Rule #10 is Confidence!  The key to confidence is working on or fixing any insecurities you may have.  Along with that, don’t be overly confident or you’ll come off as being cocky. Self- confidence comes from within but is exuded on the outside.  People who possess this characteristic are much more likely to become famous versus people who don’t believe in themselves.  Always trust yourself and trust what you believe in.  If you can’t sell yourself, no one can!  How confident are you?  Take the Self Confidence Test for free.

#10 way on how to be popular is CONFIDENCE!  Or as it’s commonly referred to today, SWAGGER!

dont try too hard to be popular HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #9 is don’t overly try to be popular!  The old saying…  ”You either got it or you don’t” actually stands true here.  Not just anybody can be popular or famous.  If that was the case, then there would be no appeal to being popular because everybody would be.  Never make noticeable efforts to try and be popular or you’ll likely be mistaken for a poser or wannabe.  Are you somewhat unsure of what kind of person you are or what kind of person you portray?  Then, take this free Introversion/Extroversion Test.  And remember, don’t overdue your efforts in trying to be popular.

#9 way on how to be popular is TRY BUT NOT TOO HARD!  As suggested in it’s spelling, a poser is someone who poses as something their not!

step out of your comfort zone1 HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #8 is to leave your comfort zone at home!  Popular people don’t become popular because of things they DON’T do.  They become popular from things they DO!  Like cracking jokes, making conversation, taking risk or by simply being a people-person.  I know for some people this may be difficult as it’s easier said than done.  But trust us, give it a go one time and we bet you it’ll will be easier for you the second time you step out your comfort zone.  And even easier the third time and so on…  This tip is an element within rule #9, the “try” part.  It does take effort to become popular and leaving your comfort zone is one great example of this.  By stepping out of your comfort zone, others will notice you more which translates to increased popularity.  Here’s 43 of ways to leaves your comfort zone or here’s one way that is literally out of this world.  Try a few!

 #8 way on how to be popular is LEAVE YOUR COMFORT ZONE!  What’s the most appealing thing about a sofa?  Comfort!  Have you ever seen a famous sofa before?  I didn’t think so…  So, get off your comfortable couch and do something you’ve never done before.

dress for success HOW TO BE POPULAR


how to be popular dress to impress 286x300 HOW TO BE POPULAR How To Be Popular Rule #7 is dress like you mean it!  Who said money can’t buy popularity?  We guarantee you that if you dressed more fashionable, you’ll attract more attention.  This is the only rule that anyone can accomplish.  All it takes is a little money and some fashion sense.  If you don’t have an eye for style (which most people don’t), here’s the latest up to date fashions for women and for men.  Remember though, popular people don’t necessarily wear clothes that are popular.  They wear clothes that are trendy.  Whether you’re a male or female, accessorizing plays an important rule in pulling this rule off.

#7 way on how to be popular is APPEALING ACCESSORIZED APPAREL.  But remember, your most appealing accessory is your personality.  So, wear it well!

understand how successful people become successful HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #6 is to understand the characteristics of successful people.  This is one of the most overlooked rules to achieving popularity.  If you want to be popular, understand how people became successful.  Why is this so important?  Because success and popularity go hand-and-hand.  If a person is successful in life, chances are, their popular as well.  What made them successful?  Finding this out is the key to unlocking this rule.  But DON’T approach it like this…  “How did Mark Zuckerberg become successful?  He created Facebook.”  Rather, “What are the characteristics that made Mark Zuckerburg successful.”  Also, this rule isn’t just measured by someone’s job or how much money they make.  It’s important to understand the characteristics of people who are successful range from being personally success, family success, spiritual success, etc. Here’s TIME magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in the World 2011.

#6 way on how to be popular is UNDERSTAND THE SUCCESS OF PEOPLE.  Ask someone you know!  It may even be your parents or sibling.

help someone out that you dont know HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #5 is to help someone that you don’t even know.  Why is this important?  Because it is!  Take interest in simple being kind to others with a little effort.  What kind of effort are we talking about?  Hold the elevator door when someones coming, help an elderly women cross the street or donate something you don’t use.  Better yet, donate something you DO you!  Don’t just try and help people by your words.  Because as they say…  “Action speak louder than words.”

#5 way on how to be popular is HELP SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW.  How can this make me popular though?  The most popular people in the world are constantly helping out people that don’t even know.  If you don’t believe it, Google it!



How To Be Popular Rule #4 is to be friendly!  You would think this rule should be a given but how many unfriendly people are there in this world?  Being friendly to others is very critical when trying to get popular.  Why?  Because people that are rude and unfriendly are unattractive.  Do you want to be around someone that was mean to you?  Didn’t think so!  Are you happy?  Take this free test to see if your happy.

#4 way on how to be popular is to BE FRIENDLY.  Try this as well…  If someone is rude to you, be twice as nice to them.  Kindness is contagious!

Always Be Yourself HOW TO BE POPULAR


how to be popular understand successful people 300x225 HOW TO BE POPULAR How To Be Popular Rule #4 is to be yourself!  This is possibly the simplest rule but most steered away from.  Too often do people try to be like others in an attempt to be popular.  Being yourself also coincides with #9 rule, “Try Hard But Not Too Hard.”  People who cross that “try too hard” line are usually copycatting someones else’s style or swag.  Uniqueness is a powerful characteristic to becoming popular.  And nobody is as unique as YOU!  So, stop trying to follow others and become a leader!  Here’s some great “be yourself” quotes.  

#3 way on how to be popular is to BE YOURSELF.  The only people that you should be following is on Twitter!

Plan of Action HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #2 is to have a plan!  You want to be famous?  You want to be popular?  Then what kind of popularity are you looking for?  The answer to that question will be the foundation for your plan.  If your goal is to be a famous singer then you need to befriend others in the industry with the same interest as you.  If you want to be a famous actor, then hang out with others who have a passion for acting as well.  What will this do?  It establishes connections and gets your name out there in the field that you want to be in.

#2 way on how to be popular is to HAVE A PLAN.

become genuinely interest in other people HOW TO BE POPULAR


How To Be Popular Rule #1 is to become genuinely interested in others.  This is hands down the absolutely most important rule.  Not just by getting popular, but with life in general.  You want people to like you, don’t you?  Then, become genuinely interested in other people.  How do you do this?  Easy!  God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason.  “The quickest way to gain knowledge is to listen.”  “You never learn while you’re talking.”  Do you get the point yet?  If not, then you’re probably talking while reading this.  Here’s more info on how to become genuinely interested in others.

#1 way on how to be popular is to become GENUINELY INTERESTED IN OTHERS.  If you only can remember one sentence from this page, memorize this next one…  “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.” ~ Dale Carnegie

Now you know how to be popular.  Apply these tips to your life today and watch your popularity skyrocket! 

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