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Most would agree that knowing how to sing is a god-given talent. That’s true, but learning how to sing better, is a process that could escalate your talent to the next level. Some of the biggest celebrities on earth, became famous because they know how to sing, really good! Do you think you can sing, but would like to learn how to sing better? Here’s the “Top 10 Tips On How To Sing”.

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confidence   how to sing 198x300 HOW TO SING#10 tip on How To Sing is be confident in your voice. No matter what your singing, make sure you “belt out a tune” with authority. Be comfortable with your voice. Don’t feel intimidated by others if their voice is bigger, because your confidence can outshine their talent just by the way you delivery your melody.

Be confident in your voice is the #10 tip on How To Sing. Have you ever seen Celine Deon or Adele look appear under confident when they’re on stage? Nope!

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#9 tip on How To Sing is to live a healthy lifestyle.  We’re not telling you that you’ve got to maintain a strict diet. However, limiting healthy how to sing HOW TO SINGyourself to harmful products, not only benefit your quality of life, but will also improve your singing voice.  Don’t smoke, do drugs, or drink alcohol in excess.

Live a healthy lifestyle is the #9 tip on how to sing. Everybody want to be able to sing with greatness but you’ve got to make sacrifices in order to live your dream.

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breathe easy how to sing tips HOW TO SING#8 tip on How To Sing is to breathe with ease. Believe it or not, nearly 80% of singing, is from breathing. Be sure you are breathing correctly because, this will help boost your vocal ability. This may seem odd but it really makes a difference. The goal is for you to understand your breathing patterns and adapt to your habits.

Breathe with ease is the #8 tip on How To Sing. Click here for ways to improve your breathing.

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#7 tip on How To Sing is to practice! This can easily be the #1 rule, but we wanted to go ahead and mention this practice how to sing tips 300x193 HOW TO SINGobviously critical step, as we will go into further details in the tips below. In order to be successful at anything in life, you have to work hard at it. It takes sacrifice and dedication. Singing is no exception!

Practice practice practice is the #7 tip on how to sing. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice, makes perfect!

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stand tall how to sing tips 225x300 HOW TO SING#6 tip on How To Sing is to stand tall. Having a good posture can certainly increase your singing abilities. By standing tall and breathing easy, you’ll maximize your lung capacity. Other tips include standing with your feet shoulder width and one foot a slightly in front of the other.

Stand tall is the #6 tip on how to sing. Here’s a smart guide on how to improve your standing posture.

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#5 tip on How To Sing is to get a singing coach. If you’re serious about singing, and you want to take your vocals to singing coach how to sing 240x300 HOW TO SINGthe next level, get a singing coach. All professional singers have them. They are trained in how to teach singing. This will help you learn the technical aspects involved in singing.

Hire a singing coach is the #5 tip on how to sing. Click here is find a list of vocal coaches in your area.

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warm up how to sing tips HOW TO SING#4 tip on How To Sing is to warm up before you sing. You’ve seen performers backstage practicing their vocals right before they take the stage. This is very important. As with all sports and activities, it’s important to make sure you warm up prior to “taking the stage”. This allows your voice and opportunity to loosen up.

Warm up is the #4 tip on how to sing. You should warm up for at least 10 minutes and always go in this order; middle, low, high, then back to middle range.

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#3 tip on How To Sing is to understand your voice. Yes, you may want to be able to sing like Adele, but there’s a good chance you can’tunderstand your voice how to sing HOW TO SING produce that range. But, maybe you have a range similar to Katy Perry or Pink. That’s why it’s important to know your capabilities, and then work on those vocals.

Understand your voice is the #3 tip on how to sing. You should know your voice better than anyone else.

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dedicate yourself how to sing tips HOW TO SING#2 tip on How To Sing is dedicate yourself. This tip is is crucial because no matter how well you sing, there will be others who dislike your voice. Many of today’s biggest stars were shot-down many times before becoming famous. Lady Gaga is a perfect example of this. She was rejected several times until Akon came along and believed in her talent.

Dedicate yourself  is the #2 tip on how to sing. Never give up on your dreams, but always have a backup plan if singing doesn’t pan out to a professional career.

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#1 tip on How To Sing is, let the FAME TUBE community decide if you know how to sing. Why not send us your video and let the world determine if you’ve got the talent to be a star! It’s easy and completely free. Send us you video here.

Let the FAME TUBE community decide, is the #1 tip on how to sing. Go ahead, what are you waiting for? What do you have to lose?

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